Welcome to Plakias live!
Here you get some information how to use our Livecam. In consideration of the privacy our guests it is not possible to move the camera or to use the zoom. But you can take a picture (snapshot) or a video (right mouse click inside the camera picture, image recording). In the winter the direction of the camera is the South-West to show you the amazing sunsets. In order to protect our guests in the apartment 301 we will turn the camera in the summer to the South-East of Plakias.
To use the camera you will need your browser (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer).
If you are using Mozilla Firefox you need to install Java. As a user of Internet Explorer follow the way of the screenshots under.

After these steps a window will open and ask you for the username and the password. Take „user“ as the username, the password is „user“.
With a click to OK you can watch Plakias live!

Have fun!!! Giorgos & Susanne